L-R: Hajji Swaibu Kitezaala, Mrs. Barbra Nyaruguru and Mr. Ronald Barente after signing the memorandum of understanding

BUL Football Club and Jinja City Queens have entered into a partnership for a period of two years with immediate effect from 25th April 2024.

The relationship will have BUL take on Jinja City Queens as its official women football team, with the latter retaining its brand identity but will have Fortune Butto, the main sponsor of BUL FC and the Eastern Giants’ logo embroidered infront of their shirts and sleeves respectively.

Going forward, the Eastern Giants will provide the Queens with financial support, training equipments, boots, and team jerseys.

The partnership will also see BUL provide technical expertise and knowledge exchange to Jinja City Queens’ technical team throughout the agreement.

BUL FC chairman – Ronald Barente, Chief executive officer – Joseph Mutaka, director of Jinja Progressive Academy (JIPRA) – Hajji Swaibu Kitezaala, Jinja Queens chairperson Barbra Nyaruguru and their chief executive officer sealed the deal at the BUL FC premises in Masese, Jinja City on Thursday.

While addressing the pressmen after the deal was signed, BUL FC chairman Ronald Barente revealed the reasons for choosing Jinja City Queens.

“We didn’t want to work with people who have already done it or have been there already. We always want to work with babies, raise them and nurture them into the people we want them to be in the future,” he said.

“Jinja City Queens is a very good project for us to work with. Even if they are in the region, the effort we are going to put in will make them produce waves in the country. Trust me on that.”

“We are going to provide finances; I may not disclose the amount but we are going to finance the team and also support in terms of coaching and media. We want to make Jinja City Queens a very big team in Ugandan football.”

“We have the capacity as BUL to start a women’s team and call it BUL FC Women but we chose to work with this team because it has a community set up, it appeals to the Jinja community and that is what we want. Having these players, as young as they are, playing and representing us as a company and as BUL FC, it is an honor for us.”

“And we believe through our corporate social responsibility, this is the right path that we had to take to support a team that is lower in rank because we have got suitors in Kampala, really big teams in the Women Super League.  They came but we turned them down and went for the regional team because we want to associate with the people and the girl child in Jinja.”

“We have had discussions with the management of Jinja City Queens for a very long time and we discovered that these are the guys we should work with going forward because we now believe they have got the potential.”

“Another reason is that we are in love with Jinja Progressive Academy (JIPRA) as a school and we want to make this marriage official because frankly speaking, they have supported us.”

“If you look at our junior side, the squad that has been winning titles, it’s JIPRA that has been behind the team. Most of our children go to school at JIPRA and play their school football from there. Therefore, we thought it was time to thank JIPRA Management for the support they have given to our junior team by taking over responsibility for their women’s team.”

BUL FC chairman during the presser

Laying down CAF requirements in time just in case BUL qualifies for CAF competitions?

Mr. Ronald Barente explained that the partnership is premised on nothing but fortifying BUL’s relationship with JIPRA and the people of Jinja.

“We are not doing this because we may win something this season and go to CAF competitions. We started this journey long way back even before we knew that we may win something as a club.”

“The requirement of a women’s team just came recently and it is very easy for us to fulfill. We can just get one established team in Kampala, give them something like 20 million and front it as ours, and we go to CAF but we want to work with the guys at JIPRA and those with in the Jinja community.”

About the partnership, the director of JIPRA Hajji Swaibu Kitezaala said:

“We thank BUL for the support in terms of finance, training equipments, balls, playing boots and Jerseys, not only to Jinja City Queens, but also to the school boys’ team.”

“Football is quite expensive, costly and challenging but if we can get partners to work with, then it becomes easier and this will help a lot in promoting talent not only in the region where BUL is operating but the entire nation and even the whole world. We thank you so much.”

“We now look forward to working together with BUL FC, and for now, I want to congratulate the City Queens for working tirelessly to win this partnership. It is very important and I hope it is going to promote girls football in this region.”

Hajji Kitezaala

Mrs Barbra Nyaruguru, the chairperson of Jinja City Queens said:

“I want to thank the brains behind Jinja City Queens. I want to thank the girls because without them, we cannot have Jinja City Queens. You have played well but there is a lot to do. You should know that this is a serious project. I think now you are going to triple your efforts because BUL FC as a brand is very big. So, you have to meet the standards of BUL FC.”

“Thank you so much BUL FC for choosing us among the many, I must say we are very lucky to be chosen by BUL FC.We want to pledge and promise that we are going to work hard to make you proud.”

Chairperson of Jinja City Queens Mrs Nyaruguru appending her signature on the MOU

Jinja City Queens is owned by Jinja Progressive Academy (JIPRA) and currently plying trade in the Eastern regional league for women. The club is fourth on the table with 21 points.

Everyone at BUL FC welcomes Jinja City Queens aboard.


Some of the Queens present

Even sports journalists were happy to witness the deal getting sealed