BUL football club routine fans engagement continued on Sunday January 15 at Bugembe stadium. This was the first meeting since 2023 started.

Chief executive officer Joseph Mutaka said growing the fan base rank high on his list of core issues to handle at the club since the first day he came into office.

I know it’s not an easy task to handle but I am destined to do bigger things. Handling fans has been a challenging area for my predecessors here since the inception of the club but routine engagement has seen their mindset change on how to approach things. I have outsourced some experts to speak to them and also help to build a better structure for their group. BUL fans group should be a lead example in Uganda Premier League that fans can be more than supporters during match days.

In line with making the fans’ groups flourish, a lot of ideas were put forward during the meeting – including new fan registration plan, formulation of fans Sacco, activation of fans sub committees but at first in Busoga sub region.

Researcher Muhammad Kizito who is also a keen follower of Ugandan football, heaped praise on the CEO’s move to often engage fans.

I follow football clubs in Uganda a lot but BUL FC is among the few clubs that engage fans on routine and to me it’s the best practice for any developing club,” Kizito said while addressing the fans. I want to commend CEO Joseph Mutaka for the job well done because he has maintained the pace with fans. Every club needs them since they are the blood in every club system to live. He invited me to share with you on how to grow the numbers and how to structure everything, and trust me BUL have initiated an important move today.

BUL fans chairman Bashir Omar Bagga was also in attendance together with other prominent supporters. It was the first brainstorming and fan engagement meeting of the many more to come in 2023.